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So you’re ready to hire someone to build your Shopify store. How exciting! If you’re planning to set up or revamp your Shopify store, hiring the right developer or agency is key to turning your vision into reality. A well-crafted Shopify store not only reflects your brand but also enhances user experience and boosts sales. […]

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How do I hire someone to build my shopify store? Our Shopify Top Tips.

Shopify store with clothes hanging on a rack with lights shining on them. Image is in black and white.

FAQS on your website – The most undervalued section on your website Here’s the thing FAQS are seriously underrated on a website, and often used pretty poorly. So in short, yes and let’s give you some helpful tips to help you out with your FAQS section! Why Your FAQ Section is a Big Deal An […]

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FAQS: The most undervalued section on your website

Aoife from alec creative laughing with laptop on wooden table and a white background

Potentially my favourite Showit website design? Designed specifically for a copywriter. We are constantly trying to stress to our clients the importance of copy and creative storytelling for your brand. Of course, the visuals are super important, but without beautiful, values-driven, strategic copy, your website can feel a little half baked. So, you can imagine […]

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Alec Creative’s Showit Website Design for a Copywriter

Home page of a showit website design for a copywriter on a cream boucle sofa

Interior design website for a stunning and impressive entrepreneur. There’s nothing more inspiring than working with creative brands with heart, soul and vision. When we first sat down with Molly Bowen to chat about crafting a unique, beautiful and strategic online space for Wimberley Way, the ALEC Creative team knew we were a match made […]

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Interior designer website design Showit incorporating heart, soul and vision.

Interior design website on a laptop with a linen backdrop, linen table cloth and a vase with white fauna.

What is a favicon image? Let me show you. You will be kicking yourself when you see what it is! That’s it!  A favicon image is basically a small icon that appears on a website tab. It helps you identify and differentiate tabs when you have a million tabs open.  Where Else Can You Find […]

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What Is A Favicon Image?(2024)

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My Top Best Free Shopify Apps That You Need For Your Website Free Shopify apps are the best way to keep shopify costs low. You need to carefully sift through which apps are free and which are not. Here is my rundown of the best free shopify apps to help keep those Shopify costs a […]

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My Top 7 Best Free Shopify Apps For E Commerce Websites 2024

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Writing a blog can be fucking hard. A MAJOR pain at times. Writer’s block has happened to me so many times times when I sit down at the laptop to write a blog. Even now I am thinking, ‘where the f do I start?’ Well let me make that blog writing slightly easier with my […]

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The LEO (local enterprise office) are giving away 50% vouchers for the trading online voucher! This means you get 50% off a website worth up to €2,500.

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Save 50% off a Website with the LEO Trading Online Voucher 2024

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‘Is Showit Good For SEO?’ A question I get asked frequently by newbies to the platform showit.  Well, I am here to tell you that Showit is amazing for SEO. It has all the tools you could possibly need for SEO. Strap in and let’s go through SEO and the tools Showit has to get […]

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Is Showit Good For SEO? Everything you have to know!

Showit SEO settings for page title and meta descriptions

‘where can I find images For My Website?’ Having great images on a website can really make a difference to how your website is perceived by the traffic on your site. Bad quality images can ruin a website, where as high quality images can really bring a website to life and create more conversions.  We […]

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Where can I find images for my website? My top nine sources

Showit Website Templates For Coaches This template has been discontinued. If you would like us to create a website for your coaching business. Please enquire here. Standing out as a coach means standing out in all aspects of your business. Although great, social media just isn’t cutting it for you. However, all the website quotes […]

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Showit Website Templates for Coaches: Stunning and Strategic Web Design For Coaches

Website design for a coach on a laptop

‘Why is my website not converting?’ When you created your website you thought all your business problems would be solved. However, the months, maybe years have rolled in and your website is still getting crickets. You are left wondering, ‘why is my website not converting?!’ Unfortunately, websites alone aren’t going to bring you in business, […]

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‘Why is my website not converting?’ My top ten tips

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Website design and website copywriting services are a necessity for a website to thrive. Let me set the scene, your website’s due an update, you may have made this website and crafted the copy yourself, but now you are ready for a major glow up! Your business is thriving and you need an impressive website […]

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Luxury website design and copywriting: Do you need the ultimate website service?

woman with luxury vogue magazine in front of her face

‘what is showit?’ A quick round up to what showit is in a nutshell: -No code needed-100% flexible design-SEO friendly Showit is the new (not so new) kid on the block. Founded in 2006, (not long after WordPress & Squarespace – 2003), but has only recently in the past few years been making waves in […]

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Helpful Guide To Showit: What is Showit and how does it work?

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Email marketing Statistics Email marketing for coaches is something that cannot be ignored. Email marketing is an incredible way of growing your coaching business and establishing yourself as a leader in the industry. Let’s look at the statistics. Everybody loves statistics.  One of my favourites from Statista. By the end of 2027, email marketing market […]

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Lost With Email Marketing? Helpful Guide To Email Marketing For Coaches

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First of all, what is a plugin? Lets talk about what exactly a plug in is. A plugin is a piece of technology that ‘plugs-in’ code to your WordPress site.  There are WordPress plugins that create: WordPress plugins enhance your site and make it functional and useful! There are more than 59,000 FREE WordPress plugins […]

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14 different WordPress Plugins that I highly I recommend

Web designer for female entrepreneur, Aoife Connolly, smiling in a black and white photo

Domain, hosting, SSL, blah, blah, blah. There is so much tech jargon out there and it can get it a bit overwhelming! In this blog post, I am going to try and unpick common words you may hear when talking to developers and designers. I’ll try my best to answer a few common questions too. […]

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Helpful Guide for Tech Jargon: Domain, Hosting and SSL

Laptop and coffee on a white bed and white duvet