As a website designer in Geelong I am so lucky to live near the beach and the city of Geelong. It’s important that I utilize my time wisely as  a website designer, so I get to enjoy the amenities of Geelong and nearby areas. From amazing coffee shops & restaurants, to walks and to beautiful […]

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‘Is Showit Good For SEO?’ A question I get asked frequently by newbies to the platform showit.  Well, I am here to tell you that Showit is amazing for SEO. It has all the tools you could possibly need for SEO. Strap in and let’s go through SEO and the tools Showit has to get […]

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‘where can I find images For My Website?’ Having great images on a website can really make a difference to how your website is perceived by the traffic on your site. Bad quality images can ruin a website, where as high quality images can really bring a website to life and create more conversions.  We […]

Showit Website Templates For Coaches Standing out as a coach means standing out in all aspects of your business. Although great, social media just isn’t cutting it for you. However, all the website quotes you have got so far a just that bit too expensive, and you’ve just started! You don’t want to invest that […]

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‘Why is my website not converting?’ When you created your website you thought all your business problems would be solved. However, the months, maybe years have rolled in and your website is still getting crickets. You are left wondering, ‘why is my website not converting?!’ Unfortunately, websites alone aren’t going to bring you in business, […]

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Website design and website copywriting services are a necessity for a website to thrive. Let me set the scene, your website’s due an update, you may have made this website and crafted the copy yourself, but now you are ready for a major glow up! Your business is thriving and you need an impressive website […]

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‘Average website cost Australia,’ is a key phrase typed into google alot. Read on to find out my take on Australia’s average website cost. I always have my Australian clients asking me the questions, ‘What is the average website cost in Australia?’ I’m sorry to say but it’s not a simple answer! You’ve decided to […]

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Since I have brought the platform Showit into my designing process, so many people have asked me, ‘what is showit?’ A quick round up to what showit is in a nutshell: -No code needed-100% flexible design-SEO friendly Showit is the new (not so new) kid on the block. Founded in 2006, (not long after WordPress […]

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Email marketing for coaches is something that cannot be ignored. Email marketing is an incredible way of growing your coaching business and establishing yourself as a leader in the industry. Email marketing Statistics Let’s look at the statistics. Everybody loves statistics.  One of my favourites from Statista. By the end of 2027, email marketing market […]

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"Working with Aoife was incredible ! Her attention to detail and ability to turn such a simple idea into something so detailed is amazing and I couldn’t be happier with the website. From start to finish she was so organised, helpful and driven. Anything I asked was done and no questions were left unanswered. I can’t wait to work with Aoife again in the future. Incredibly trust worthy and excellent at what she does! Thank you Aoife!"

Grainne Gibson

Connolly & Fee

"We recently employed ALEC Creative to refresh our website & we were beyond delighted with what they did.
Aoife was wonderful to work with– she provided guidance & support where we needed, putting forward creative ideas & concepts that suited our brand vision so well.
We will continue to use ALEC Creative going forward and would highly recommend to anyone in need of a website design/redesign."