We don’t make websites, we craft them.  We don’t build brands, we nurture them to bloom. We don’t provide a service, we collaborate and co-create. We’re the web design company that thinks outside the box.  

ALEC Creative was born out of a desire to create, a need to empower and a vision to bring success to every woman that tracks it down. 

We bring creative design, luxury copywriting and web design to a new level. The hunt is over, you’ve found your web design team. 


Leading with strategy, heart and soul


Aoife Connolly

A fan of margaritas, lifting weights and climbing mountains. (Both literally and metaphorically!)

Meet Aoife Connolly, creative director, website designer and brand consultant. 

Aoife founded the web design company ALEC Creative with a dream to serve ambitious women with website design, brand development and copywriting that sets them apart from the rest of their world. 

After studying music a decade and working as a teacher for almost 10 years, Aoife finally took the leap to start her own brand that would inspire women, provide a premium service and allow her the chance to fulfil her desire to create magic alongside a thriving community every day.

“For me, ALEC Creative stands for so much more than strategy and service. I see the magic that happens when a female founder sees her vision come to life. I see the way a woman’s world changes when her brand and her website finally starts working FOR her and not against her. I see the beauty in creating a brand identity that allows women to connect with their dream clients, nurture their communities and build the empires they’ve always envisaged. I feel honoured to be a part of that and that’s why I do what I do. ALEC Creative will always be at the top of its game, not just because we want our own success, but because the women we serve deserve the best of us. I see this web design company as similar to that of an orchestra or art studio. We’re crafting, moulding, shaping, collaborating and creating, always.” 



Aoibh Johnson

In 2023, ALEC Creative began working with writer Aoibh Johnson to provide copywriting services and creative messaging development to the ALEC community. 

Aoibh Johnson is a copywriter, playwright, poet and creative workshop facilitator who specialises in bringing the creative vision of brands to life. She works with women in all capacities to empower, inspire and thrive. 

“It’s nothing short of a dream come true to work alongside the incredible ALEC Creative. Aoife sees the power that words and messaging have to elevate your brand to new heights and I absolutely adore her approach to this work. We both align in our values, our creative approach and our ideas on making the service straightforward and simple for every woman that graces our presence. With Aoife’s beautiful design, strategic expertise and premium service, the content I write for clients is lifted to new levels of brilliance. Copywriting is a crucial facet of any web design company’s success, and I know the power it has to transform. It’s a partnership that feels seamless with every project and I am full of gratitude to be part of the ALEC Creative movement.” 


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"So happy to have found such an efficient and professional creative! Get your website done with this powerhouse."

Phoebe Van Min


"Working with Aoife was incredible! Her attention to detail and ability to turn such a simple idea into something so detailed is amazing and I couldn’t be happier with the website.

Grainne Gibson


Connolly & Fee

'Aoife was wonderful to work with– she provided guidance & support where we needed, putting forward creative ideas & concepts that suited our brand vision so well."


Clodagh Mc Grath

"From the beginning, Aoife was incredibly easy to deal with and demonstrated a deep understanding of my vision, ensuring that the final product exceeded my expectations."