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‘Why is my website not converting?’

When you created your website you thought all your business problems would be solved.

However, the months, maybe years have rolled in and your website is still getting crickets. You are left wondering, ‘why is my website not converting?!’

Unfortunately, websites alone aren’t going to bring you in business, but there are a few things you could be doing with your site, to ensure you have a higher conversion rate on your website.

Here are my top ten tips to a converting website

1. Ensure your website is optimised for mobile 

This is probably the most important one! If your website was created over 5 years ago, there is a good chance your website looks strange on mobile and tablets. With so many screen now, web designers have to ensure your website is mobile is ‘responsive’. ‘Responsive’ is the tech term for having a website that looks good on a mobile. If your website looks weird on a mobile or a tablet, it’s not going to convert. It puts a bad taste in potential customers mouth and they will just leave and forget all about you.

2. You’re website has got too many colours

Its bright, neon and overwhelming. This gives potential clients a migraine and puts them off buying from you. Don’t overwhelm your customer. 

3. You have no CTAS – Calls to action 

Calls to actions are a little button telling your potential clients to do something – to purchase, to enquire, to send you a message etc. If you have all this information, but aren’t telling your audience what to do, they might feel a little lost. They don’t know what action to take next and therefore will not convert.

4. Value

You’re not telling your customers about how you can help them. You’re not informing them about what value you can bring to their business! How are you going to change their lives or their business? You need to go hard here and hammer home about why you are the best choice for your audience.

5. Your site is too slow

Test your site over on gmetrix. This will let you know how fast or slow your site is. You want it to be a B or over. Do you know that about 50% of people will leave your site if it doesnt load in 3-4 seconds. We are such an impatient generation now that we don’t want to wait 4 seconds for a site to load. This means your audience isn’t even getting on your site!

6. You don’t have a blog

A blog is SO important when it comes to having a website. 

A blog is a great way of getting more traffic to your website! If you ensure this content is optimised for SEO and it is what your audience wants to read. You will be flying it.

A blog helps to set you apart from the rest. It establishes you as a lead authority in your industry and promotes trust and credibility amongst your audience. 

It also lets google know your site is alive and well. Then google starts to bump you up in rankings!

7. You haven’t invested in SEO

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation. 

This means your website has been optimised for search engines like google and bing. SEO takes alot of work and doesn’t happen by chance. Not only have you got to ensure you target the right keywords, but you also have to ensure that you keep your website ‘alive’ i.e. new pages, new blogs posts – keep letting google now that you are alive and well basically! 

If you invested half as much time into your blog and website as you did your social media, you would be doing incredibly! 

ALEC Creative has SEO packages as well as web design packages. Get in touch if you would like to know more. 

8. You don’t track your data

Peter drucker ‘ what gets measured gets managed.’

If you don’t even know how to measure your website analytics, you’re not going to be able to improve it.

Measuring data is a key way of finding out what your audience likes and creating more of that. If you’re not measuring your data you cannot see where you are going right or worst case, wrong!

9. Too much text

Although you are trying to give lots of valuable information to your audience on your website, it’s coming across as overwhelming and it is too much text/content for your audience to get through! 

Ensure your content is succinct and to the point. I would suggest editing your text a few times and only keeping in the need to know information. 

If you’re having a little trouble with your copywriting, you could avail of Aoibh Johnsons and I’s copywriting package! 

10. No social proof

You haven’t got any testimonials, reviews or a portfolio on your website. You need to let your clients know what you can do. Don’t be shy! 

Email a few past clients and ask them to give you a quick review – on google business – and then use that review for your own site and for social posts! 

‘Why is my website not converting,’ This is a common question, especially if you have created the website yourself, so don’t be too hard on yourself!

I would LOVE to know if these tips help you in creating a website that converts so please get in touch! I am so eager to know if they have helped you out. If you want to hand your website over to me, check out my packages and fill in a consultation form and let’s create the website of your dreams.

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