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Showit Website Templates for Coaches: Stunning and Strategic Web Design For Coaches

Showit Website Templates For Coaches

This template has been discontinued. If you would like us to create a website for your coaching business. Please enquire here.

Standing out as a coach means standing out in all aspects of your business. Although great, social media just isn’t cutting it for you. However, all the website quotes you have got so far a just that bit too expensive, and you’ve just started! You don’t want to invest that much just yet. Well Showit website templates for coaches are perfect for coaches in your position!

If you are a coach and are in need of a website , but don’t quite have the budget yet, showit site templates are for you. Showit is a platform that is intuitive, easy to use and damn right eye catching. Not to mention, it has amazing SEO tools too!

I created the ARI – Stunning Showit website template designed specifically for coaches in mind.

The ARI consists of 5 pages:

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy

I am going to be crafting more showit site templates for coaches, so if you have a style in mind, I would love if you could reach out to me. I always need some more inspiration!


‘What is a privacy policy page I hear you ask?’

A privacy policy page is a page that is an essential page (by law) that let’s users know how you are using their data. Please visit termly to compile your privacy policy. ALEC Creative cannot be held liable for your privacy.

‘Where can I view and purchase the template?’

You can view the template right here.

‘How do I customise the template?’

All the information about customising the template can be found in the showit library!

‘Can you customise the showit site template for me?’

I most definitely can! I love customising templates. I will use your branding (colour palettes, fonts, logo) and change the template to suit your business and brand.

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