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Luxury website design and copywriting: Do you need the ultimate website service?

Website design and website copywriting services are a necessity for a website to thrive.

Let me set the scene, your website’s due an update, you may have made this website and crafted the copy yourself, but now you are ready for a major glow up! Your business is thriving and you need an impressive website to match your flourishing business.

You want the best of the best in luxury copywriting/design and you don’t want to wrestle with website design and copywriting yourself. You reach out to web designers, you reach out to luxury copywriters, but already it’s seeming like an intense amount of work for you and you don’t have the time to work with multiple copywriters and designers. You have a thought,

‘Wouldn’t it be great to source your website and copywriting services in the same place? Wouldn’t it be incredible to just let the experts take care of it?’

Well, Aoibh Johnson and I have the package for you. Aoibh Johnson, website copywriter extraordinaire and I have teamed up to create a luxury website design and copywriting service. 

Together we have crafted our ‘Made For Magic Package.’

ALEC Creative & Aoibh Johnson Copywriting have joined forces to craft the offer you have been searching for. We believe that a fully functioning, stunningly crafted, beautifully communicated website should be easy for you to attain.

We want you to be able to source all of your website needs in the one place! 

Having a luxury copywriter and web designer working together is a rare commodity, but to get the best results for your website, it is the ultimate package.

“I believe website design and copywriting work hand in hand. The design draws your customer in, and the copy makes them stay. Words have power, and I am so excited to help you harness it. ”

Aoibh Johnson

Back to Basics – What Do You Mean By Website Copywriting?

Some people are unaware that copywriting is actually something you can outsource for your website. It is what I find my clients struggle most with when getting their content together for their website. Your copy needs to be clear, concise and powerful. Luxury website copywriting is used to persuade people to think a certain way about your brand. Make them feel certain emotions. Your brand voice helps you stand out from your sea of competition. It is a much needed investment in order to get your business standing out amongst a saturated market. Luxury website copywriting services are an invaluable and worthwhile investment for your website.

Made For Magic – Luxury Website Design And Copywriting Service

The ‘Made For Magic’ Package is a package that is for the entrepreneur who values the expertise of others. For the entrepreneur who values luxury and for the entrepreneur who values their time. 

There are alot of other things you could be focusing on in your business rather than copywriting and design. Leave it to us and we will crate the website of your dreams.

With this package, you will have the opportunity to avail of high-quality website design alongside expertly crafted website copywriting services, bringing your website from mediocre to magic.

The importance of pairing great website design with great copywriting

Great website design and website copywriting services should come hand in hand. A simple, clean and user friendly website design will draw a user in, whereas copy keeps the user engaged, interested and ultimately on a website page. If you have poor copywriting, your audience will not want to stick around. This ultimately can lead to losing sales in your business.


What’s the investment?

Prices start at $7000USD for service based businesses.

How long will it take?

4-5 weeks for 5 pages 

5-6 for 10 pages

Can I use this in conjunction with the leo trading online voucher?

Yes! You definitely can use it in conjunction with the LEO trading online voucher. Unsure of what this is? Check out my blog post on how the LEO trading online voucher can get you up to 50% off a website!

What do I need to provide

You will need to provide photos, however we can help you source images from free stock websites like pexels and unsplash. 

You will also need to provide branding. If you don’t have any branding as of yet we offer this as an additional extra to our website design and copywriting service.  

What do I get? 

-Questionnaire & analysis

-Up to 4x 1:1 Calls 

-Strategic Web Design

-Expertly crafted website copywriting 

-Up to 5 or 10 pages included

-Basic SEO

-Thorough handover document

-2 weeks aftercare

Can I add email marketing or advanced SEO?

You definitely can, these will be marked as additional extras. Additional extras that may be included are:

-Advanced SEO

-Email Marketing

-Card Payment Options

-Mini Brand

Don’t forget these extras can always be added down the line! Not everything has to be added in the one go.

Do you a have website design and copywriting maintenance package?

Yes! Our website design and copywriting maintenance package includes 3 SEO optimised blog posts per months and minor website updates. Monthly investment for website maintenance would be £900 per month.

Head over to our packages page and enquire through our consultation form. The first five people to sign up will get a 10% discount and 2 extra gifts from us! We can’t wait to craft the website of your dreams.

Aoife & Aoibh x

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