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What is the LEO Trading Online Voucher?

The LEO (local enterprise office) are giving away 50% vouchers for the trading online voucher! This means you get 50% off a website worth up to €2,500. This website grant is an incredible funding programme from the LEO that can get you up to 50% off a website in Ireland.

Honestly, this is such an amazing initiative and you would be a fool not to take advantage of it. We don’t know how much longer it’s going to be around for.

This voucher can be used for web design, graphic design and photography.

The voucher is to help small businesses with their e-commerce capability, so this means your website has to have some sort of e-commerce feature to be eligible for the grant.

If you’re a service provider this can mean setting up a payment gateway for clients to pay on your website.

And if you’re an online shop, well it’s a no brainer really, isn’t it?!

As with all things too good to be true, there are a few hoops you have to jump through. I think this is fair considering the generosity of the grant and funding programme for your website.

Hoops/ Criteria

  1. Applications WILL NOT be accepted via email or hardcopy. You must apply through the apply now button on the website:
  2. You must have completed the half day information seminar
  3. Vouchers must be attained prior to any money being spent, i.e. prior to the website being designed. Any receipts from before application date, will not be accepted.
  4. Third party costs will only be eligible.
  5. Web designer/ photographer etc must be eligible for tax and be registered as a business in their own country. This means you CAN hire a designer from another country.
  6. Unfortunately there are some businesses excluded, you can find the list on the above web page.

Businesses who are eligible for the Website Funding Grant:

  • Businesses with little or no online presence.
  • Businesses with 10 or less employees.
  • Businesses must be trading for at least 6 months.
  • You have to be in the area of the LEO where you make the application.

Other info

  • You can apply for a second voucher once you have used your first website funding grant. How amazing!

How do I receive the Website grant?

Once the web designer has been paid the full amount for the website, your business will be reimbursed. You need to provide a bank statement and the web designer needs to provide a declaration that they have been paid in order for you to receive the funding for the website grant.

How Do I apply for the Funding?

  1. First, you must attend a half-day seminar.
  2. Once this has been attended, you can submit the application form through the website.

LEO trading online voucher success story:

ALEC Creative is an eligible business for the LEO trading online voucher. Designing on WordPress, Showit & Shopify, we are guaranteed to find a package to suit you. Let us create a website with purpose and strategy that embodies your business. Check out our packages here.

Link to the LEO website for more info and the application process got the website grant:

Get in touch for a free consultation call to discuss your options.

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