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‘Is Showit Good For SEO?’

A question I get asked frequently by newbies to the platform showit. 

Well, I am here to tell you that Showit is amazing for SEO. It has all the tools you could possibly need for SEO. Strap in and let’s go through SEO and the tools Showit has to get your ranking higher on google searches.

‘What is SEO and how can it help me?’

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

The means to which your site is discovered by people on search engines. It is a must for those businesses who want to increase their website traffic, sales and brand awareness. 

SEO increases your website’s visibility in a google search. This traffic from a google search will be directed towards your website. The more traffic that is on your website, the better chances you have of making sales. And we all know, everybody loves making a sale. 

You may have heard about how some platforms are better for SEO than others and have heard the misconception that certain platforms are given priority on google. This is NOT true. Certain platforms have a market share and that is why they are seen to rank higher. 

A platform will not be magically ranked higher just because it is made on a certain platform! A huge misconception in the web design industry. 

Certain website platforms would be better for SEO, due to the fact that they have great SEO tools. Like Showit. Showit has multiple tools that can be used to help with your websites SEO and get your website ranking higher. 

Overview of Showit’s SEO tools:

1. Easy to Find Title Tags & Meta Descriptions Tool

TItle tags and meta descriptions are vital pieces of information that are to entice a reader to click onto your page. Title tags and metadescriptions are the first port of contact a reader has with your website. You will see them on Google’s search listings. Title tags and meta descriptions are the perfect places to enter keywords! Great title tags and meta descriptions can really boost an SEO rank. 

The page title is basically a title for your page and the meta description is a brief key word rich summary of the website page. Meta descriptions should be between 155-160 characters in length and a page title should be between 30-60 characters. 

You can find the Showit settings on right hand side of the Showit platform builder panel. Below, I have highlighted the Showit SEO settings where you can see where to place your page title and meta descriptions

Showit SEO settings for page title and meta descriptions

2. Adjusting HTML Text Tags

HTML tags are bits of code that help search engines understand our content. H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 – it creates a hierarchy of content on your page.

Showit automatically applies HTML to your font settings., however you can change the HTML tags within the text properties settings. Don’t forget their should only ever be 1 H1 tag on a website page!

3. Optimising Images & Media 

Under the image tab, you can optimise your images for SEO.

SEO Title: 

This is where you can give your image a filename that is relevant to your website/ keywords. 


This is where the image alt text goes. This helps people with accessibility. Screen Readers are able to read the text that goes here. It also helps search engines crawl the page. 

Remember to use keywords in your descriptions, however, only if these keywords fit. Do not try and fit keywords that are random and don’t fit the image This is seen as keyword stuffing and google does not like that.

4. Creating a Sitemap on Showit

Sitemaps are important as they tell google what pages of yours are important. Therefore google can find them, crawl them and rank them in order of which content it thinks is the most helpful. 

Luckily, showit automatically creates sitemaps. You can find your sitemap by going to:

Don’t forget to submit your Showit site map to google search console!

5. SSL Certificate

Google wants to ensure that all websites have an SSL cert. This is to protect the privacy and security of users. 

What is an SLL cert?

An SSL Cert is a digital certificate that verifies that a website is safe. It verifies a websites identity and ensures the connection is encrypted. 

One of the great things about Showit is that the SSL cert is included with your package. This saves your alot of time and pain of having to outsource your SSL certificate from a different company or a hosting provider. 

Why is an SSL certificate important for SEO? 

Since Google wants to ensure all websites have an SLL cert, it will boost a websites ranking  if it is secure!

6. Blogging and Yoast SEO on WordPress

Now, for the creme de la creme. Showit recognises that WordPress blogging tools are very powerful and therefore Showit has partnered up with WordPress for their blogs! This is a huge draw to Showit. Not only do you have an incredibly powerful and flexible website builder, but an immensely powerful blogging platform too. 

Because Showit uses yoast, the Yoast tool is available to use on WordPress blogs. Yoast has a wide range of features that shows you if you are on the right track with your blogging. Yoast enables you to add your meta titles and meta descriptions with their metabox. 

It also analyses your post content and informs you if you are using enough keywords, title tags, synonyms and word forms. 

7. Setting up URL redirects

URL redirects are needed to ensure old pages do not return a 404 (page not found) result for your audience. This can be offputting to your user and can lead to a high bounce rate. A bounce rate is how long a user spends on your website/ web page. If your audience is bouncing off your website quickly, it can result in google ranking your website lower.

Ensure the URL redirects to an appropriate page. 

You can do this on Showit in the site settings.


  1. Go to Site Settings
  2. Click on custom domain
  3. Next click the gear icon
  4. Then, choose the redirects tab

Overall, Showit gets a big huge YES from me in response to the questions, “is Showit good for SEO?”

If you want to get your website optimised for SEO. Get in touch. This is an additional extra to my packages or can be purchased independently. Prices start from €500 per fives page. Let’s get your website found on google and increase your website sales together! 

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