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‘what is showit?’

A quick round up to what showit is in a nutshell:

-No code needed
-100% flexible design
-SEO friendly

Showit is the new (not so new) kid on the block. Founded in 2006, (not long after WordPress & Squarespace – 2003), but has only recently in the past few years been making waves in the creative industry. Initially, the platform was directed towards photographers, however it has expanded its horizons and is perfect for many creative entrepreneurs – interior designers, web designers, agencies, coaches, therapists and so many more.

Showit was brought to my attention by the design Queen, Becca Luna. If you haven’t already heard of her, you NEED to check her out. Since I’ve discovered it, I have been obsessed. It offers you limitless possibilities and allows you to create a completely unique and bespoke website for your business.

Any website designer who has discovered Showit has been hooked from day 1. Showit website designers are going to bring websites to the next level.

How does showit create these unique and bespoke websites?

Showit has thee most flexible drag and drop, intuitive web design programme that I have ever used. It is so much fun designing on showit and and is great for client usability. Editing your site is super easy!

It’s almost like a mixture of canva and adobe with amazing SEO tools.

What are the SEO tools like?


They enable you to change page titles, meta descriptions and image alt tags. ALL vital for SEO.

They have them in easy to find areas and don’t overcomplicate it.

WordPress and showit are linked. This means you get to use Yoast (one of the best SEO plugins) for your blogs. Get ready to write insane, high ranking blogs!

WordPress Blog Power

Another one of the many amazing features of Showit is that it has partnered up with WordPress for its blogging power! So you get all the yoast SEO tools for your blog and the ease of Showits design system to create your website. How bloody amazing!

One of my showit blogs is ranking number 2 at the minute – check it out __! Anyone who searches for my keyphrase is going to be brought right to my blog and my website. How good is that? This ranking is bringing me incredible business so far. Don’t forget 4.3 billion people use Google to find answers on the internet.

Any WordPress designers or if you have created on WordPress before, you will soon be converted to Showit website designer once you realise you have the power of both Showit and WordPress.

Is it expensive?

Not in my opinion. Showit is very reasonably priced and they take care of the hosting for you. All you need to worry about is your domain! Don’t forget to ask your domain for professional emails e.g. This is the best way to give off a great first impression.

If you want to give it a try, showit are offering a free trial!

Does it adjust to different screen sizes?

You bet your bottom dollar that it is responsive. So much easier than WordPress to create a responsive website on showit. You begin by creating your site on desktop and then convert it to mobile, fixing it where it needs to be fixed. You literally drag the elements where they want to go!

Is it for e-commerce brands?

I would say showit is best for small e-commerce websites – 5 products max. I would look to WordPress or Shopify If I were to recommend a larger e-commerce website. This platform is the perfect platform for service providers.

Anything else to tell us about the platform?

  • Their customer service is incredible. If you have any issues or are unsure on how to do something, they will respond in a day and are super friendly.
  • There is a facebook showit group where you can connect with other showit fans. A great place where you can find help with designs too!
  • There are so many helpful showit tutorials and entire library to help you edit your site if needed. If you choose ALEC Creative to be your designer, I’ll also provide a thorough handover document so you are empowered and are able to use your site with ease!
  • You don’t have to mess around with plug-in or wordpress updates, or even worry about backs!

Who is It best suited to?

Showit is best suited to those in the service based industry – coaches, interior designers, photographers, bloggers, beauticians, therapists. It is really for people who don’t want overly complicated websites.

Showit can:

  • create SEO optimised blogs
  • enable essential marketing mailing lists
  • enable launch hype waitlists
  • hold links for booking systems (think calendly, fresha)
  • have payment gateways for small number products or maybe a service you want impulsive buyers to buy now!

Where are websites hosted? Do you need to buy a domain?

Your website content is hosted on worldwide Showit servers. You just need to purchase your domain. It is super easy to set up! Your website is fully secure too. Showit takes care of almost everything.

Example: Showit Website Template For Coaches:

Home Page For Showit Website Template For Coaches Mock Up with The Ocean in The Background

What are the price Points of Showit Web Design?

This is probably one of my favourite things about Showit. There are prices to suit EVERYONE! You can DIY your own website with templates or you can get me to create a fully custom showit website built purposefully and strategically for your business.

If you are in need of a Showit website designer, please reach out. If you would like to to discuss how we get can your showit website off the ground, fill in my consultation form!

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