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Email marketing Statistics

Email marketing for coaches is something that cannot be ignored. Email marketing is an incredible way of growing your coaching business and establishing yourself as a leader in the industry.

Let’s look at the statistics. Everybody loves statistics. 

One of my favourites from Statista.

By the end of 2027, email marketing market is to be valued at $17.9 billion.

99% of consumers check their emails every day and is the communication preference for brands according to Hubspot.

Coaches cannot ignore these statistics, it’s time to get on that email marketing buzz and start connecting with your clients on a more intimate level!

What’s so great about email marketing?

Email marketing is a way of getting up close and personal with your audience. It’s about forming a relationship with your audience and building trust. It gives you a chance to share your expertise and show your audience what you can bring to their life.

It makes sense though doesn’t it? The more you get to know someone, the more you like them and thus the more likely it is you will turn to them when they need a service you provide.

1:1 instagram dm’s can get tiresome, email marketing is a way of getting personal with your audience and a way to save you time.

How to collect emails 

Create a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a free gift to your audience in exchange for their email address. Make sure this lead magnet has great value or else your audience won’t indulge!

Some examples of email marketing lead magnets for coaches:

  • Journal Prompts PDF
  • Weekly Planner PDF
  • Free Webinar
  • Masterclasses
  • Worksheets
  • Meditation Webinar

Don’t be afraid to go big. The more value you provide, the more trust you get. Obviously don’t give away all your secrets, maybe just one, one that could change someone’s day! Lead magnets are essential in email marketing for coaches.

Email Marketing For Coaches – Writing a great emaiL

1. Create a boss subject line: a subject line with a hook

Make this subject irresistible to the user so they have to open e.g. ‘HOW I SCALED TO 10K MONTHS.’

2. Make it personal

Your audience needs to relate to what you are saying, just don’t go writing on about whatever you want. You need to make sure it relates to your business and your services.

3. Make it relatable

Your audience needs to relate to what you are saying, just don’t go writing on about whatever you want. You need to make sure it relates to your business and your services.

4.Tell a story

Tell a story to your audience and make it relate to your content. People LOVE stories and we love connecting the dots!

5. Identify and target your audiences pain points

Identify your audience’s problems and solve them. Show your email marketing audience how you are going to turn their life around.

6. Showcase Testimonials

Take this as an opportunity to include client testimonials or reviews. You could use this at the bottom of your emails to incentivise readers to buy even more.

7. Salesy

It’s easy to get caught up in email marketing and not sell your services. Just give, give, give and expect nothing back.  No one wants to come across as salesy. But hey, this is your job and you have a great service. You need to give people a choice on whether or not they want to purchase it. Don’t forget to sell your programs and relate them to the story in your email. 

8. Talk about what your services are going to do for them

How are you going to bring value to your audiences lives? How will you help them and solve their problems.

9. Write in the second person

Involve your audience by using the second person. This is using pronouns like you, your, yourselves etc. This makes the audience think you are writing directly to them!

10. Always use a CTA (Call To Action)

A call to action tells your readers what to do. Maybe you want them to sign up to a programme, or potentially go to your website for some further reading. Don’t skip this step. It is SUPER  important!

11. Try not to make your email an essay!

People are lazy and just want to get to the good stuff (quickly). Make sure you don’t drone on for 5 pages! Make your email digestible.

Email marketing for coaches – what platform do I recommend?

I LOVE flodesk. Flo desk would be the best platform for email marketing for coaches.

Why do I think flodesk is the go to platform for email marketing for coaches?

User friendly

Flodesk is super user friendly and intuitive. This tool can be used by technophobes!

Stunning landing page templates

Flodesk have the most beautiful pre-made landing pages that anyone can customise! Check them out for yourselves.

Integrates well with Showit & WordPress for service based businesses

You need to have an email marketing tool that integrates with your website platform. Flodesk is perfect for this for those on wordpress and showit. 


Doesn’t sync with woo commerce products. This may be available in the future but right now it’s not, so do use this if you are wanting to pair it with woo commerce!

Fixed Pricing

Unlike other email marketing tools, Flodesk has fixed prices. Yes it is more expensive in the beginning, however as your email list grows, the price stays the same.


Flodesk have a ‘flodesk university’ with lots of easy tutorials to follow.

Get 50% Off Flodesk!

Get 50% off Flodesk when you sign up with this link!

Are you ready to upgrade your website and kick start your email marketing plan?

Get in touch and let ALEC Creative design the website of your dreams, fully integrated with an email marketing platform of your choice.

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