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Potentially my favourite Showit website design? Designed specifically for a copywriter.

We are constantly trying to stress to our clients the importance of copy and creative storytelling for your brand. Of course, the visuals are super important, but without beautiful, values-driven, strategic copy, your website can feel a little half baked. So, you can imagine the excitement when we had the chance to craft a website for Aoibh Johnson Copywriting. We just knew our creative input and Aoibh’s writing would create something special and at the risk of bragging, we were absolutely right!

This process was a joy from start to finish and we cannot wait to share with you some of our favourite elements of this beautiful online space.


Aoibh was super eager to have a recurring motif of the ocean, beautiful sandy beaches and tranquil waters running throughout her website. We decided to offer Aoibh one of our branding packages to help her realise this vision. We worked together to find the perfect brand colours, the best typography to communicate gentleness and flow and we also had the chance to design numerous logo options to bring some extra elegance and flair to Aoibh’s brand and site. Seeing this branding come to life alongside Aoibh’s ocean-centred copy was out of this world. Check out a snippet of our favourite pieces of copy below! (If you’re searching for some copywriter web design inspiration, now’s the time to soak in these beachy copy vibes!)

What is the best platform for copywriters?

Aoibh was super eager to have a space to share blogs and excerpts from her recent projects within this site. We decided that for a copywriter Showit was the best option to allow Aoibh the opportunity to gather her work in a coherent way, without losing the beauty of her branding and creative design. Showit allowed us to have a smooth, co-creative and collaborative process alongside Aoibh, which was super important to her as a creative herself. Aoibh wanted the process to feel shared and with Showit, we could offer that freedom of expression and co-creation. Aoibh now has a Showit website that celebrates all aspects of her services from website copywriting to creative writing classes, due to Showit’s diverse range of options and unending flexibility.


One of the best pieces of feedback we received from Aoibh was on how smooth the process was and how supported she felt throughout it and in the 30 days after we had signed over the site. But don’t take our word for it! We thought we’d let Aoibh speak for herself for a moment.

“Working with ALEC Creative was not only a smooth, easy to follow process, but also an entirely nurturing and joyful one. The team made everything so easy for me and made sure I understood every facet of their choices and approaches from start to finish. I felt understood, valued and also assured that they were genuinely excited about the creative impact they were making to celebrate and up level my brand. I used to ask myself, “Should a copywriter have a website?”. I thought maybe I would be better just sending clients the work I have completed for others but the team at ALEC Creative helped me realise just how powerful a strategic site can be for gaining clients, giving current clients clarity and providing yourself with an online space that belongs to you and you alone. Highly, highly recommend.”

We don’t think we could have put it better ourselves!

To have a deeper dive into Aoibh’s website and check it out for yourself, click this link. We’re also excited to say that we’ve recently teamed up with Aoibh to deliver website copywriting alongside web design to give your site a full service without the stress.

Do you have a creative idea for your site and need a team with a shared vision?

Get in touch and let’s create something spectacular.

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