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My Top 7 Best Free Shopify Apps For E Commerce Websites 2024

My Top Best Free Shopify Apps That You Need For Your Website

Free Shopify apps are the best way to keep shopify costs low. You need to carefully sift through which apps are free and which are not. Here is my rundown of the best free shopify apps to help keep those Shopify costs a little lower!

Let’s get the foundations right, what is Shopify?

Now before we begin, for those of you who are new to the world of websites and e-commerce. Let me explain to you what Shopify is. Shopify is essentially a website builder where you or a web designer can create a website for your e-commerce business.. 

Essentially, you pay a monthly fee and can build your own website on this platform even without a web designer. Amazing right?! This means businesses can start out whenever they want and don’t have to make an upfront investment when they just start out. I am a BIG fan of this as it allows businesses to be experimental with their website and their business. They can experiment with products, their vision and their brand before they make a big investment in their website. Then, when you are ready to develop a new website and hire a web designer, you’ll know exactly what your business and your vision is going to be.

Shopify’s Pricing & Costs

Shopify’s pricing starts at $39 US dollars a month. This includes your hosting and 24/7 chat and support.

Shopify has cloud based hosting, meaning they take care of all the updates for you unlike platforms like WordPress where you have to do them yourself. These 2 things my friends are absolute dreams. Investing in Shopify saves you time and stress. Do not overlook this when it comes to pricing your website platform.

When you want to add a feature to your Shopify shop ( e.g. product reviews or a live chat app) you need to download a new ‘app’ for your store.

What the heck are apps on Shopify?

Shopify apps are little add ons for your store that optimize your store to make more sales. For example, you want product reviews to encourage people to buy your incredible product. 

‘Well that sounds amazing!?’ Yes, it does. However, these little apps can get expensive and if you go hell for leather on purchasing them you may end up with a huge monthly bill. Not ideal. 

Now, the reason we are all here…

Tell me about the best free shopify apps!

Best Free Shopify Apps

1. Product Reviews

The best free reviews app on Shopify is definitely ‘Product’ reviews. This is such a great way for your customers to leave reviews for future customers. In a study, 97% of participants said customer reviews factor into their buying decisions. 79% of customers would trust an online review as they would on personal recommendations. Lastly, reviews on average increase sales by 18%.

Check out this free shopify app ‘product reviews’ here.

2. Cross Sell & Cart Upsell

Have you ever been tempted by the additional extras on your website purchase? Yeh, me too. This is known as cross selling & upselling. You are ensuring here that your customer has the information they need to make a great purchase by providing cross sells and upsells!

E.g. Now you have a great top here are the matching bottoms to go with it!

Here you can make the purchasing process super easy for your customer and have a cross or upsell ready and waiting for them!

Check out this free shopify app ‘product reviews’ here.

3. Digital Downloads

Have a digital product to sell? Exactly what it says on the tin.  Use the free shopify app digital downloads to sell this product easily!

Check out this free Shopify app here.

4. Subscriptions & Recurring Order

This is a great free shopify app, however if you keep on the free you will get charged 3% by the app for each transaction. It may be worth looking into the paid version! Subscriptions are great for creating recurring revenue, customer loyalty and engagement and enables you to forecast your finances with a heck of a lot  more accuracy. 

Download this Shopify subscriptions app here.

5. Shopify Email – For Email Marketing Purposes

One of the best free shopify apps for email marketing. This email marketing is completely free. With the Shopify app, you can send on brand emails to different audiences on your shopify website. 

Customers can buy directly from emails, you can track click through rates, track added to carts and purchases. Such a powerful and free email marketing app from Shopify. 

If you wanted to splash some cash though, I would opt for Klaivyo. Klaviyo has features like predictive analysis, built in shopify automations like back in stock, browse abandon and Price Drop.

6. Shopify Inbox

This is the best live chat app for Shopify! This is a free Shopify app that enables you to chat with your customers as they shop. A customer chat is a great way to drive sales through customer connection. You can send product recommendations, photos and discounts. You can also create automated greetings and FAQS to save your time too!

Link to this free shopify app here.

7. Shopify Free Shipping bar

Free shipping helps to skyrocket your sales. 90% of consumers would shop online more if they  were given the option of free shipping. 24% of consumers would also spend more to qualify for free shipping. Check out some more stats here about free shipping.

If this all sounds like a bit of a pain, get in touch and let ALEC Creative take care of your e-commerce website. ALEC Creative doesn’t just design an e-commerce website,  we design e-commerce websites that are optimized to increase your sales.

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