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What is a favicon image?

Let me show you. You will be kicking yourself when you see what it is!

This is a Favicon for google

That’s it! 

A favicon image is basically a small icon that appears on a website tab. It helps you identify and differentiate tabs when you have a million tabs open. 

I think we can all relate to that one, yes? 

Where else can you find favicon images?

A favicon image can be seen in toolbar apps, browser history, search bars and bookmarks. They are a visual representation of your website and is another great way to differentiate your brand and business from competitors. By having a favicon that is consistent with your brand’s logo and colors, you can create a more cohesive and memorable user experience. This can help visitors remember your website and return to it in the future.

A favicon is a square image that is 16×16 or 32×32 px in size and should be saved as a PNG. 

All website platforms should have an area where you can change your favicon appearance. 

One of my ultimate pet peeves on a website is when a website does not have a favicon image! Instead, you see a wordpress or NO icon.

How to change a wordpress favicon? 

Changing your wordpress favicon is easy peasey

Here is a step by step guide to changing your wordpress favicon

  1. Go to the tools on the left hand side of your document
  2. Then, click on ‘appearance’ > ‘customise’
WordPress appearance and customise section

3. Finally locate ‘site identity’ and add your icon under ‘site icon’

Where to change favicon - go to site icon

Told you changing your wordpress favicon was easy! 

How to change your Favicon on Showit

Showit is even more simple that WordPress

Here is a step by step guide to changing your Showit favicon:

  1. .Go to site settings
Site Settings of showit website

2.Locate ‘favicon’

3.Finally , change the favicon! 

Upload a 32×32 png for best results on Showit.

If you need some information on how to change a favicon on Wix or Squarespace. You can find that info here:


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What Is A Favicon Image?


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