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My Top 9 Essential Tips For Web Design For Interior Designers 2024

Impressive web design for interior designers is a non negotiable.

Heck, whatever your business is, a strong brand and an impressive website is what you need to stand out from the crowd.As an interior designer however, you really need to put your best foot forward when it comes to your website.

Your Digital Office

I want you to start thinking of your website as your digital office. Would you be embarrassed if someone came into your digital office? Would you try to quickly move things around to make it look better? Would you avoid holding meetings in your digital office at all costs? If you answered, ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you need a website refresh. Start thinking of your website as your digital office, or even digital home. Does this analogy enable you to see why web design for interior designers is so important?

Setting yourself apart from other interior designers can be difficult. An on brand, stylish, aesthetically stunning website could be the difference between gaining and losing a new potential client. An investment in a website is a no brainer. The ROI you will see will be incredible and you will wonder why you did not invest sooner.

First impressions do count, especially in an industry like interior design. You need a website that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but that is easy to function and use. It is essential for interior designers to invest in an incredible website for their business and attract the type of clients that you want. If your website looks cheap, you will attract cheap clients.

Web Design For Interior Designers | Where do I start?

So, you’ve decided you want to invest in an impressive website, but are not wondering, ‘what content am I going to put on this interior design website and where do I start?’

Have no fear. I have got you! I am going to run you through all the possible content ideas that you can put on your website that’s going to land you those high ticket clients of your dreams.

We are going to start looking at your website as your digital office, your digital home and your portfolio that you are essentially giving over to every single visitor on your website. A great interior design website will convey to clients your style, your price (albeit not essentially explicitly) and your energy. We want your client to say, “Yes! This is the interior designer for me! This is my style. This is exactly what I want my home to be like.”

‘What should an interior design website include?’

An interior design website needs to include these 10 essential features:

  • Portfolio
  • Portfolio Case Studies
  • Strong Branding
  • Stunning (preferrably professional) images of your work
  • Blog
  • Email Marketing
  • Great User Experience
  • Testimonials

Let’s dive a little deeper into each of these web design features for interior designers.

Web Design For Interior Designers | Feature 1 | Contact Page

Web Design For Interior Designers | Feature 1 | Contact Page

This one is pretty self explanatory, however sometimes it still seems to be missed! You need a clear area where customers can go if they want to contact you straight away. Include all the details you want them to know: email, social media, phone number, address etc. Whatever you think your client needs to reach you!

Web Design For Interior Designers | Feature 2 | Portfolio

Your portfolio needs to be shit hot. You need to have your best work showcased and feature the interior design style that you want to recreate the most. ‘Your vibe attracts your tribe,’ rings true here.

Your website portfolio needs to convey to your audience your style, experience and your interior design skills. Your portfolio will majorly attract the type of clients you will work with. Choose projects that are important to you and that really connects to who you are as an interior designer.

Your portfolio will hugely influence who walks through the door of your digital office.

Web Design For Interior Designers | Feature 3 | Portfolio Case Studies

When including your portfolio in your interior design website, it is important to include information and details about each project. This doesn’t have to be overly lengthy (less is more) but just enough to give website visitors the details that you understood and nailed the job brief!

Things I would discuss in your brief:

  • Client Brief
  • Your Process
  • The Final Results
  • Testimonial From Client

Remember, people are lazy and really HATE reading lots of text. Please keep information to what is essential!

Web Design For Interior Designers | Feature 4 | Strong Branding

Branding just isn’t your logo, colour palettes and font choices. Branding is who and what your business is at its very core. It is your brand identity, your brand story. Who you are putting out into the world.

Web Design For Interior Designers | Feature 5 | Professional Images

One of the keys to a great interior design website (and any website) are professional images. Professional images can make a HUGE difference in a website and the first impressions it gives off. Please no phone pictures. Invest in a great interior design photographer who knows their stuff. You can repurpose this for socials, blogs and any other forms of marketing that you have going!

Web Design For Interior Designers | Feature 6 | Blog

A blog for an interior design website is SO important. Especially if you have invested in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Start treating your blog/ website updates like your social media. Would you expect instagram/tik tok to push your content out if you were only updating your posts every 6 months?

Would you expect to get a client from 1 blog post, 1 page update every 6 months?

Start treating your website and blogging like you do your social media platform.

Google needs your SEO optimised blogs to:

  1. Find out what your website is all about
  2. Actually have content to push out
  3. Realise you are a trustworthy website

Blogging is also great to repost on pinterest. A MUST for interior designers. Check out a programme like tailwind to help you repost your blog with speed.

Feature 7 | Email Marketing

Check out my blog post on email marketing for coaches, it’s going to give you all the juicy details on email marketing!

Email Marketing is essential for any business these days. One of my favourites stats from Statista are below:

‘By the end of 2027, email marketing market is to be valued at $17.9 billion.’

‘99% of consumers check their emails every day and is the communication preference for brands according to Hubspot.’

Email marketing is a fantastic way of getting ‘close’ to your leads. These are people who are interested in what you have to say (or design) and are potentially thinking of working with you. Through your email marketing you can really convert your audience into your clients.

How to get people to sign up to your email marketing?

Create a lead magnet! A lead magnet is a freebie that you offer in turn for someones email, for example a 10% discount.

An interior designer might offer a free webinar on ‘how to make use of a small space’ or a giving a way a free checklist of what you need for when it comes to designing your space.

What email marketing platform should you use?

Flodesk is my favourite email marketing platform to use. It is super intuitive and Flodesk creates the most beautiful emails. Use my link here and you will get 50% off your first year!

Feature 8 | User Experience

Always keep at the front of your mind when designing a website, your user’s experience. Ensure you know who exactly your target audience is, what they like, what they dislike. That way you can design your website with them in mind. We need to be able to fulfil the user’s needs. We want to provide the best experience so customers are happy and we solve their problem. We want to leave a great long lasting impression on a customer so they come back to us.

Feature 9 | Testimonials

And last but not least, you must have testimonials on your website.

Testimonials are a key factor in a purchasing decision. According to, 92% of people say that they read online reviews for making a purchasing decision & 88% of consumers trust online testimonials and reviews as much as recommendations from friends or family.


How Do I Create An Interior Design Website?

The first thing to do is to ensure you have everything you need. You need your copywriting (your text), you can either write this yourself or hire someone else to do it like Aoibh johnson.

You need your branding. This is your logo, colour palettes, font choices and overall look of the brand. If you don’t have this, this is something I can help with. I can add a mini branding session onto your website!

The second thing to do is to choose your website platform. Find out more below.

What is the best website platform to design my website on?

Showit is by far the best website platform to design your interior design website on.

Showit was founded in 2006, (not long after WordPress & Squarespace – 2003), but has only recently in the past few years been making waves in the creative industry. Initially, the platform was directed towards photographers, however it has expanded its horizons and is perfect for many creative entrepreneurs – interior designers, web designers, agencies, coaches, therapists and so many more.

Showit is the perfect website platform for interior designers as it is a super intuitive platform to design on. It is a drag and drop design platform that has NO CODING NEEDED! 

Showit has great SEO tools and uses WordPress for its blogging feature. This means that you can use the great WordPress plugin Yoast – a dream for checking your SEO. 

If you’re not feeling up to designing your website, you can check out my packages here for Showit. 

Showit includes all your hosting costs, all you just need to do is purchase your domain. 

Use my link to get a free month. You are so welcome!

Should I include SEO in my website package?

I would highly recommend including SEO in your website package. SEO is what is going to get you ranking higher on google. However, don’t forget that your website is a work in progress and you should be consistently updating your portfolio, blogs, pages etc in order for google to trust your website and rank you accordingly.

I don’t have any professional images for my interior design website. What should I do? 

I would try your hardest to get professional images for your interior design website, but if that fails you could use stock images to start with that reflect your interior design style. Use these for the main images on the home page and then use your own images for your portfolio pieces.

Creating a website can be hard and tedious. It is important that you get it right from the get go, or else you could end up doing it twice!

If you are wanting to save time, create a profitable website and work with a designer who creates a website with purpose and strategy, work with me at ALEC Creative. I pour my heart and soul into every project and always want to ensure my clients gets the best of the best. 

“Working with Aoife was incredible! Her attention to detail and ability to turn such a simple idea into something so detailed is amazing and I couldn’t be happier with the website 🙌🏽 From start to finish she was so organised, helpful and driven. Anything I asked was done and no questions were left unanswered. I can’t wait to work with Aoife again in the future. Incredibly trust worthy and excellent at what she does. Thank you Aoife. “

Get in touch and let’s create together the website of your dreams!

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