TechnicalWhat are the Benefits of WordPress?

What are the Benefits of WordPress?


Today we are going back to basics! What is WordPress? What are the benefits of WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source, content management system (CMS).

And what the heck does that mean?!

A CMS is a system that helps users to create a website without the need for in-depth coding knowledge. This means that when a developer hands over a website to a client, the client will be able to edit certain parts of the website. Amazing! (I still use the coding language CSS however to style my websites. This gives my websites a unique edge.)

Open source means that it is available to the public and can be changed.

Now you know exactly what it is, let’s find out what the benefits of WordPress are.

1.WordPress is FREE

Extremely generous to be fair. A user only has to buy their domain and hosting. After they have bought those they can download WordPress for free.

2.WordPress is flexible and customisable

Unlike other platforms like shopify or wix, WordPress is completely customisable and flexible. Myself and other premium developers are able to customise websites using CSS. This means your site will be totally unique and styled to match your brand.

3.WordPress has endless features and functionalities

WordPress has a wide range of plug-in(software) features. Many of which are free. This means you can scale your website over time to include booking systems, members areas, course areas etc.

4.WordPress is User Friendly

WordPress is easy to navigate and manage for “non-techy” people.

5.Ultimate SEO power

Search engines love WordPress. This means google will bump your site up for user searches. More traffic = more potential clients!

WordPress is an incredibly powerful, easy to use system. WordPress helps you build and maintain a well-designed website.
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