CoachingDo Coaches Need a Website?

Do Coaches Need a Website?

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Do coaches need a website? Well, Is the Pope Catholic?

I’m going to be completely honest, if you have just started as a coach, you can get away with not having a site. However, as you become more established in your field it is an ‘absolutely, most definitely, yes, sí,’ response to this question.

Websites are an invaluable investment to any business. A website is your virtual office premises. You want to leave potential clients with a long-lasting (great) first impression.

So let’s get to it, why do coaches need a website?


First and foremost, a website gives you an immense amount of credibility. I have heard countless stories of people choosing one business over another due to poor website design or lack thereof.

Get that competitive edge and invest in a site to showcase your coaching business in the best possible light. The coaching market is saturated,  investing in a well designed website can help set your business  apart from the rest.

Streamline Your Processes

A website isn’t just about credibility, it’s useful and saves you time! Spend your time doing the things that light you up or focusing more on your clients. 

Streamlining your processes can be:

Payment Gateways – Clients can simply sign up straight away for your services. It’s easy for them to buy and easier for you to sell. You can sell 24/7 this way, meaning you won’t miss out on another sale due to being offline.

Clearly Displayed Information – Your services, prices and frequently asked questions are all clearly displayed. Clients know exactly what they are getting and won’t have to keep emailing you with questions. Saving you time. 

Members Areas – Have your resources uploaded and ready to go in an exclusive members area. Another time-saver. 

Show off your Testimonials, Client Results and Hardwork

Potential clients need social proof to buy. A website displays this in the best way possible. With testimonials featured on every page, it’s hard not to purchase.

Give your Clients the VIP Treatment

Invest in a members area for your clients. A members area gives clients exclusive access to videos, articles, recipes, etc. that you have created. A member’s area shows clients how much they are appreciated and showcases your professionalism.

Increase your Income with an E-Commerce store

Have you ever thought about selling your personal training hoodies? Or creating a daily planner filled with your favourite quotes and mantras? It’s a great way to increase your income and not to mention an exciting new business venture.

Attract Clients Through Blog Posts

A blog is a great way to catch new clients. You can voice your opinions, expertise,  and information about your services here.  Having a blog post dedicated to your recipes or to your mindset hacks is the perfect way to increase your client base organically.

So, Do Coaches Need A Website?

If you want to boost credibility, gain clients, provide a  VIP treatment and increase your income, then the answer is yes, coaches definitely need a website.

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